The Cause for Adult Acne that No One Tells You About

The Cause for Adult Acne that No One Tells You About

I don’t want to knock dermatologists.

Okay, maybe I do.

But yeesh, can I just say, “What is up with them these days?!”  I seem to hear more and more stories of dermatologists that say there is no correlation between nutrition and skin health.

Like, really?  Is that what they’re teaching you in school?

Well, call me crazy, but I’ve just worked with too many people who’ve had dramatic improvements with their complexion by making some simple changes to their diet.

That’s right.  The biggest contributing factor to the health of your skin is the food you eat.

Case in point:

Several years ago, I briefly coached another trainer – a strong, good-looking, young man with a nice, clean complexion.  One day, he walked into my office and I looked at his acne-riddled skin and said,

Whoa.  What the heck happened to your face?

(Alright, it wasn’t my most subtle moment, but I was truly taken by surprise.)

Turns out that he had been struggling with acne for years, but he was able to keep it under control with a very strong prescription cortisone cream.  And his latest doctor recently changed the prescription (which didn’t work), and BOOM.  Instant pizza face.

I introduced him to the concept that nutrition greatly affects the quality of his skin.  Shortly afterwards, he went on a strict diet, and came back several weeks later with a lovely face again.

What’s even better:  he was able to stop using those nasty, steroid creams for the first time in years.

And nowadays, I can tell whenever he’s been eating poorly, ‘cuz it always shows up on his skin.  It’s the ultimate lie detector test.

"I cannot tell a lie..."

“I cannot tell a lie…”

It’s a scenario I’ve seen over and over again through the years.  Clients of all ages suffering from acne, rashes, and unexplained bumps and blemishes, who change their diet and experience healthy, blemish-free skin for the first time in their adult life.

It is a scenario that I’ve struggled with myself until I turned 37, when I made some critical changes to my diet.

(For those of you reading this who are in your 20’s and think it gets better when you hit 30, take it from me.  It doesn’t.)

So you may be wondering at this point what the heck are these dietary changes I’m referring to?

Look no further.  Here are my top foods you should avoid if you want clear, youthful skin:


This food is by far the greatest contributor to acne, especially for those of you that are intolerant to wheat.  And if you’re thinking, “I’m not allergic to wheat,” well, I’d like you to greatly re-consider that.  In my experience, the majority of the population has some intolerance to wheat.  And if you totally want to freak yourself out, go and read “Wheat Belly,” by William Davis.  You’ll never eat a bagel again.


Contrary to popular belief, it does not do a body good.  Most people have difficulty digesting pasteurized milk.  But one of the things that many people don’t know about milk is that it spikes insulin levels more than sugar!  Large amounts of milk can increase insulin, which will also affect growth hormone and testosterone levels, which will cause acne flare-ups.


See above regarding milk.  Also, sugar causes major imbalances in the flora of your intestines.  When your intestinal health suffers, it reflects on your skin.

Asian Food Restaurants

Yes, I know, I know.  If you haven’t noticed already, I’m Asian.  And I eat at Asian food restaurants sparingly, and at my own risk.  I haven’t quite pin-pointed what it is, exactly.  Could be the MSG, or the fact that all commercial Asian sauces are generally chemically-laden franken-foods in a bottle.  But every time I eat at one of those places, I get a zit on my face the next day.

In a way, though, the same can be said about restaurant foods in general.  Most of these places use chemical preservatives, commercial sauces, flavourings, and goodness-knows-what else in their foods.

So, basically, you’re saying I can’t eat anything?

It’s a sad truth these days, but our bodies are bombarded by all kinds of artificial chemicals and foodstuffs, despite our best intentions.

But hey, I never said looking radiantly young was easy.  You think I roll out of bed every morning looking this good?

It takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of informed choices.  As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

Choose wisely.

In health and high heels,




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