Why Beer Solves Everything

Why Beer Solves Everything

A couple of weeks ago, I held my very first webinar.

I spent days creating the slides and preparing the content.  On the day of the webinar, I spent hours practising it.

And then, at precisely, 7pm EDT, I went live, talking to who knows how many people tuned in from all over the world, wanting to learn how they could drop up to a dress size in 28 days.

Webinars are notoriously unreliable with their technology.  What if the sound fails?  What if my internet implodes?

What if what if what if….??

By the time the hour was up, I was so wound up from excitement and stress, I had a raging headache and my eyes were burning sore.

And although I breathed an enormous sigh of relief that it all went without a hitch, I also was engrossed in one singularly focused thought:

Damn.  I could really use a freakin’ beer right about now.

Yep, that’s right.  At the precise moment I logged off, having lectured for a full hour on the benefits of eating healthy foods for fat loss, all I could think about was getting hammered.

But, oh man, I deserved that beer.  I worked so hard for it.

So this leads me to another point:

The one about using food to reward or comfort ourselves.

Technically, there is nothing wrong with enjoying and celebrating with food.  But this could be a teensy bit problematic if you have a commitment to your health.  ‘Cuz let’s face it:  I dunno anyone who celebrates with chicken breasts and broccoli.

If you’re like me, you celebrate with a burger and a beer.  Or Neapolitan pizza and a glass of pinot.  Or a cheesecake.  Or all of the above.

In the FitGirl Academy Facebook group, we had an in-depth discussion about this very topic, and one of the FitGirls came up with a brilliant solution:  a reward jar.

Every time she wanted to reward herself with something, she’d pick a slip of paper out of a jar and reward herself with whatever was written on that paper.

And what did she write?

Sit in the garden and read your favourite book for 1/2 hour.

Soak in the tub.

Give yourself an at-home facial.

She had a whole jar full of ideas that required neither food nor money.  They were little indulgences that she never could seem to make time for otherwise.

Best of all, it’s calorie-free!


Empty glass jar isolated on a white background

Won’t break the bank. Or your belly.


It’s just a matter of transferring the need to comfort with food to something else that will soothe the soul – all aligned with your commitment to being healthy.

And so with that in mind… did I have that beer?  Gladly, I did not.

I thought at length about something I could enjoy without sabotaging my nutrition plan.

Well, I ended up spending the evening cuddled up on the couch with my hunny, watching a blissfully stupid movie on Netflix.  And can you get any more blissfully stupid than Hangover 2?

Apparently not.  That was one of the filthiest, most lewd, gawd-awful movies I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

And I enjoyed every indulgent, mind-wasting minute of it.




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